South Sumatra Provincial Government Held a Socialization of Regional Asset Management Optimization in order to Increase Income Assets Area

7 April 2015

Palembang- To increase revenues of original income area (PAD), Financial and Asset Management Areas (BPKAD) the provincial government of South Sumatra held a Regional Asset Management Optimization of Socialization for two days, on 24th-25th March 2015. These activities take place in the Jakabaring Sport Center at Palembang, which was attended by 123 participant who is representative of the Regional Work Unit (SKPD) of South Sumatra Provincial government at the Provincial and District town in South Sumatra Region. BPKAD of South Sumatra Invites Ir. Doli Diapari Siregar and their team from the Office of the Public Service of the evaluator (KJPP) Doli Siregar and colleagues to be speaker and keynote speaker at this socializing ,and Mr. Doli Siregar as a lead of team.

Mr. Joko Imam Sentosa as a Administration and General Assistant to the provincial Government of South Sumatra, Representing the Governor of South Sumatra Alex Noerdin officially opened this socialization activities. In his speech, he said that the management and utilization of assets in the area it is not optimal. There are several reasons, among which is a local government area in South Sumatra has not had the qualified human resources (HR) in the field regional asset management. So, many asset areas that could not be managed and utilized optimally.

He said "Therefore, these activity is very important for local governments. Activities like these don't just once held, and need to think about how the follow-ups to the officials and local government officials to understand the issue of asset management area". He proposed that held special training or education field of asset management for the employees of the local government.

Meanwhile, the head of BPKAD of the South Sumatra provincial government  Laonma Tobing said in his speech, socialization activities this is intended to equip the officers either in the province or district town in South Sumatra about science and knowledge in the field of asset management. Because the province as well as the county town in the region of Sumatra will optimize the utilization of regional assets during these undeveloped.

"Assets that are not yet managed should we manage it well, we make use of optimally, in order to have an increasingly large contribution to the PAD. This is the importance of socializing event optimization of asset management of this area "said Loanma Tobing.

Unpredictably, enthusiasm of participants in the following activities of socialization is very high. In both the first and the second day, participants remained diligently following the exposure of the speaker from KJPP Doli Siregar and colleagues. In each session, many participants ask questions to find the solution of the problems related to the management of the assets of the area, especially related to the application or the experience of asset management in their respective areas.

There are four speakers who presented KJPP Doli Siregar and colleagues, namely  Doli Siregar present the topics about 'Regional Asset Management Perspective in order to Increase the PAD;  Kemas Ardian present the topic about 'Legal Perspectives in optimization of goods belonging to the region'; Leonardo present the topic about 'the convergence of information technology and the openness of the regional asset management'; and Lastly, Karimudin Siregar, who present the topic about 'application utilization of State Property and Regional Property'

On the second day, when closing, head of BPKAD Loanma Tobing, said it will immediately draw up a plan to follow up the activities of asset management optimization of socialization of this area. He said "We don't yet know what kind of shape, but we will follow up immediately. This is very important because, in order to optimize the management and utilization of government assets".






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